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We understand technology, and offer it to you in a powerful way.

Our team is dedicated to creating custom software solutions that exceed your needs in every way.

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CLEVYR builds custom solutions for your organization, based upon your needs and your personality. Cloud/Web, Mobile, and Desktop solutions.

We realize that you are unique and that means that your organization is special to us, too.

We could list the tools and technologies that we use to build our solutions, but they are secondary to the software solution. Here is what really matters:

 We use standards for today.

 We build technology for tomorrow.

We have built custom software solutions in many sectors:

  • Compliance

  • Energy

  • Events

  • Finance

  • Medical

  • News

  • Non-profit

  • Restaurant

  • and more

Bottom line is this, we love helping our clients succeed. We only get new clients by making our clients really happy with us. So go ahead, click the button on the right and get in touch.

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At CLEVYR we understand that YOU are important.

We know that if you place your trust in us that we are obligated to give you a custom software solution that is powerful, adaptable, and budget conscious.

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600 NW 23rd Street, Suite 207
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

405.384.4480 Map